English: Clear Heat and Stop Excessive Uterine Bleeding Decoction
Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Fr. Gardeniae Zhi Zi 9g Clears Heat, reduces Fire, eliminates irritability, cools the Blood, relieves toxicity and stops bleeding by astringing.
With Mu Dan Pi, resolves Qi Level Stagnation leading to Heat and Heat in the Blood and treats irregular menstruation, headache, red eyes, and thirst due to Liver Qi Heat from Stagnation.
Rx. Rehmanniae Sheng Di Huang 24g Clears Heat and cools the Blood.
With Ce Bai Ye, for all types of bleeding due to Heat in the Blood (take for only a short time).
With Bai Shao, for Blood Deficiency Heat.
Cx. Moutan Mu Dan Pi 9g Clears Heat, cools and harmonizes the Blood, invigorates the Blood. dispels Blood Stasis and clears Liver Fire.
With Bai Shao and Huang Qin, for early menstruation and premenstrual fever.
Dry-fried Rx. Scutellariae Chao Huang Qin 15g Cools the Blood, stops bleeding and calms ascending Liver Yang.
With Zhi Zi, for irregular vaginal bleeding due to Liver Fire.
With Zhi Zi and Huang Bai, for Damp-Heat jaundice.
With Di Yu, for Bloody stool due to Intestinal Wind.
Cx. Phellodendri Huang Bai 9g Drains Kidney Fire.
With Zhi Zi, resolves constraint and directs Qi downward for clearing Heat and Fire from the Liver channel.
Rx. Sanguisorbae Di Yu 24g Cools the Blood and stops bleeding.
Carbonized Cacumen Platycladi Ce Bai Ye Tan 30g Cools the Blood and stops bleeding.
With Bai Shao, for Profuse menstrual bleeding.
Rx. Paeoniae Alba Bai Shao 30g Nourishes the Blood, regulates menstruation, calms Liver Yang and Liver Wind, alleviates pain, softens the Liver and relieves pain.
Calcined Plastrum Testudinis Duan Gui Ban 15g Nourishes Yin, anchors the Yang, nourishes the Blood, enriches the Yin, stabilizes the Chong and Ren channels, cools the Blood and stops uterine bleeding.
Cx. Ailanthi Chun Pi 30g Clears Heat, astringes Intestines, dries Dampness, stops diarrhea and stops bleeding.
With Gui Ban, Bai Shao, Huang Qin and Huang Bai, for continuous uterine bleeding.
  • Clears Heat
  • Stops bleeding
  • Blood Heat entering the Liver channel and moving recklessly out of the vessels
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding characterized by a large quantity of bright red Blood
  • Dry mouth
  • Parched lips
  • T: Normal
  • C: Yellow
  • P: Rapid
  • This is a modern formula which is able to stop bleeding and clear heat treating both the root and the branch of this disease.