Pharmaceutical Latin: Herba Sive Radix Cirsii Japonici
Common English: Large Thistle
Japanese Cirsium
Japanese Thistle
Herbs that Regulate the Blood: Herbs that Stop Bleeding (hemostatics)
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Fresh: 30-60g
Tincture: 1-4ml
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Cools the Blood and stops bleeding

Blood Heat with epistaxis, hematemesis, hematuria, hemafecia or uterine bleeding

Disperses Blood Stasis, reduces swelling and generates flesh

Topically for carbuncles, sores, and swellings (Chuang Yung) (use fresh)

Benefits the Gallbladder and reduces jaundice

Jaundice, especially due to Damp-Heat

Lowers Blood pressure Hypertension, especially due to Liver Heat
  • Contraindicated for those with Spleen and Stomach Deficiency Cold.
  • Contraindicated for those with watery diarrhea or white dysenteric disorder.
  • Contraindicated for those with early stages of Hot dysenteric disorder.
  • Contraindicated for those with Stomach weakness leading to extreme Blood Deficiency.
  • Use with caution during pregnancy.
  • Use with caution for those who do not have signs and symptoms of Blood Stagnation.
  • This herb has been shown to reduce the anticoagulant effect of warfarin. Use with caution to prevent the formation of clots.

Rx. Rubiae
Qian Cao Gen

Hb. Cirsii
Xiao Ji
Rz. Imperatae
Bai Mao Gen

Rx. Achyranthis Bidentatae
Niu Xi
Rx. Sanguisorbae
Di Yu
Flos Lonicerae
Jin Yin Hua

Hematemesis and epistaxis due to Blood Heat.

Hemorrhage due to Heat. (charred)

Internal abscess such as Intestinal abscess.

Hb. Artemisiae Scopariae
Yin Chen
Rz. Polygoni Cuspidatae
Hu Zhang

Sm. Plantaginis
Che Qian Zi

Sp. Prunellae
Xia Ku Cao
Hb. Siegesbeckiae
Xi Xian Cao

Damp-Heat jaundice

Daily, as a drink for hypertension.

Hypertension due to Liver Heat.

Hb. Cirsii
Xiao Ji

Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Rz. Zingiberis Recens
Sheng Jiang
Feng Mi

Hb. Cirsii
Xiao Ji
Cacumen Platycladi
Ce Bai Ye
Rz. Imperatae
Bai Mao Gen
Rx. Rubiae
Qian Cao Gen

Hematuria due to Blood Heat.

Heat induced hemorrhages.


Hematemesis and hemoptysis. (use the charred forms of all of the herbs)

Urinae Hominis Sedimen
Ren Zhong Bai
Grain-Based Liquor



Intestinal abscess.

Mix and apply topically for sores and carbuncles.


  1. This herb can be used alone, in its fresh form, to treat hematemesis, epistaxis and profuse menstrual bleeding.
  2. This herb is especially good for hematemesis and hemoptysis.
  3. It can be used alone for Lung abscesses.
  4. It can be used alone for hypertension.
  5. This herb is stronger than Hb. Cirsii Xiao Ji.
  6. The aerial part of the plant Da Ji Ye, drains abscesses.
  7. Both Da Ji and Hb. Cirsii Xiao Ji drive downward and guide out Stasis. Xiao Ji is not as strong as Da Ji and has very little sore-reducing effect. it can stop bleeding and reduce Heat. Its ability to break up Stasis to facilitate water movement is superior to that of Da Ji and is primarily used to promote urination. Da Ji treats swollen abscesses, breaks up Stasis and disperses toxicity.
  8. Fresh Large Thistle Root Xian Da Ji Gen is better for cooling the Blood, stopping bleeding and reducing sores. It can be applied externally for sores, scalding and burns. It lowers Blood pressure.
  9. Charred Large thistle Root Da Ji Tan is less cooling and aims directly into the Blood where it astringes and inhibits bleeding.