Pharmaceutical Latin: Mel
Apis Mel
Common English: Honey

Herbs that Drain Downward: Moistening Laxatives

Qi Tonifying Herbs:

Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Large Intestine
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Moistens the Intestines

Dry stool


Nourishes the Lungs and stops coughing

Dry cough

Nourishes the Spleen and Stomach and relieves pain

Spleen and Stomach Deficiencies

Assists herbal preparations by protecting the Spleen and Stomach

Eliminates toxins

Heat toxins of the skin

Ingestion of poisonous substances

  • Contraindicated for those with chronic diarrhea.
  • Use with caution for those with diarrhea or loose stools.
  • Use with caution for those with Dampness.
  • Use with caution for those with Interior Phlegm.
  • Use with caution for those with abdominal fullness and bloating.
  • Ingestion of raw honey is not recommended for infants under twelve months.

Rx. Paeoniae Alba
Bai Shao
Rx. Glycyrrhizae
Gan Cao
Ram. Cinnamomi
Gui Zhi
Rz. Zingiberis
Gan Jiang

Rx. Aconiti Preparata
Zhi Chuan Wu

Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Colla Cervi Cornus
Lu Jiao Jiao

Rz. Zingiberis Recens
Sheng Jiang

Abdominal pain.

Hernia pain due to Cold with cold hands and feet.

Deficiency of Blood and Body Fluids.

Postpartum thirst and weakness.

Rz. Zingiberis Recens Juice
Jiang Zhi

Fr. Perillae
Zi Su Zi
Rz. Zingiberis Recens
Jiang Zhi

Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Sm. Armeniacae
Xing Ren

Rx. Ginseng
Ren Shen
Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Fu Ling

Chronic coughing.

Chronic coughing.

Chronic cough with Blood streaked sputum.

Rx. Angelicae Sinensis
Dang Gui
Sm. Sesame Nigrum
Hei Zhi Ma

Rx. Scrophularia
Xuan Shen
Rz. Anemarrhenae
Zhi Mu

Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang

Hb. Cynomorii
Suo Yang
Hb. Cistanches
Rou Cong Rong

Constipation with Blood Deficiency.

Constipation with Yin Deficiency.

Constipation with Yang Deficiency.

Sm. Cassiae
Jue Ming Zi
Fr. Trichosanthis
Gua Lou
Rx. et Rz. Rhei
Da Huang

Fr. Aurantii
Zhi Ke
Sm. Armeniacae
Xing Ren
Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum
Chen Xiang

Fol. Isatidis
Da Qing Ye

Constipation with Interior Heat.

Constipation with Qi Stagnation.

Oral ulcers.

  1. Chinese herbal pills use Feng Mi as a binder, for taste and for its moistening and tonifying properties.
  2. Feng Mi detoxifies Rx. Aconiti Carmichaeli Chuan Wu Tou.
  3. One source lists this herb in the Yin Tonic category.
  4. Take 30g to 60g for constipation.
  5. It can be used topically for various sores and lesions.
  6. Use 100g or more for poisoning by Rx. Aconiti Chuan Wu or Rx. Aconiti Kusnezoffii Cao Wu.