Pharmaceutical Latin: Cortex Meliae
Common English: Chinaberry (Root) Bark
Melia (Root) Bark
Bead Tree Root Bark
Chinatree (Root) Bark
Sichuan Chinaberry (Root) Bark
Herbs that Expel parasites (Anthelmintics)
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
(Slightly Toxic)
Up to 60g when used alone
Tincture: 2-4ml
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Kills parasites

Intestinal parasites: Roundworms, threadworms, hookworms, pinworms and vaginal trichomonas infections

This is strong and effective and can be used by itself

Treats tinea topically

As a wash or a powder made into a thick paste with vinegar for tinea

Treats trichomonas

Externally as a wash or douche for trichomonas vaginitis
  • Contraindicated for those with Liver or Heart disease.
  • Contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Contraindicated for those with peptic ulcers.
  • Use with caution for those with weak constitutions.
  • Use with caution for those with Spleen and Stomach Deficiency Cold.
  • Do not take large doses or long term.

Sm. Arecae
Bing Lang
Fr. Carpesii Abrotinoidis
He Shi

Rx. Stemonae
Bai Bu
Fr. Mume
Wu Mei

Sm. Arecae
Bing Lang
Feng Mi

Increases its overall anti-parasitic effect

As an enema for pinworms every night for two to four nights

Hookworm (serve before bedtime on an empty Stomach for two days)

Rx. Sophorae Flavescentis
Ku Shen
Fr. Cnidii
She Chuang Zi
Fr. Gleditsiae
Zao Jiao



Tea Tree Oil


Parasites (powder and insert into the rectum or vagina)

Topically for tinea and sores (powder and mix)


  1. This herb also clears Damp-Heat.
  2. It can be applied externally for scabies and sores.
  3. It is said to treat roving Wind-rash, noxious sores, scabies, lichen and high fever in children.
  4. This herb is also said to control diarrhea.
  5. Both Ku Lian Pi and Fr. Quisqualis Shi Jun Zi expel parasites and are effective for expelling roundworms. Ku Lian Pi is bitter, cold, clears Damp-Heat, is hard on the digestion and is relatively toxic. Shi Jun Zi is sweet, warm, augments the Spleen and Stomach, treats accumulations in childhood nutritional impairment and eliminates Deficiency Heat.