Pharmaceutical Latin: Radix Stemonae
Common English: Stemona Root
Herbs that Transform Phlegm and Stop Coughing: Herbs that Stop Cough and Wheezing (Anti-Asthmatics)
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Slightly Warm
Tincture: 2-4ml
Intestinal parasites: 30-60g internally for 3-4days
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Moistens the Lungs and stops coughing

Acute and chronic cough and asthma (especially due to Deficiency including Yin Deficiency)


Expel parasites and kills lice

Head and body lice or fleas (topically)

Spider bites (topically, as a paste)

As a wash for bacterial vaginosis

As a nightly retained enema for pinworms

  • Contraindicated for those with loose stools or diarrhea from Spleen Deficiency.
  • Do not take continuously at maximum dosage for several weeks due cumulative toxicity.

Rx. Adenophorae/Glehniae
Sha Shen

Rz. Cynanchi Stauntonii
Bai Qian

Rx. Ophiopogonis
Mai Men Dong
Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Rz. Bletillae
Bai Ji
(Rx. Notoginseng)
(San Qi)

Coughing due to Lung Heat injuring the Qi and fluids or Lung consumption.

Chronic cough and wheezing due to obstruction of the Lung Qi by profuse Phlegm from either external or internal causes.

Cough due to Lung Heat injuring the Qi and fluids or Lung consumption.

Cough in tuberculosis possibly with Blood streaked sputum.

Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae
Chuan Bei Mu

Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae
Chuan Bei Mu

Rx. Adenophorae/Glehniae
Sha Shen

Hb. Schizonepetae
Jing Jie
Rx. Platycodi
Jie Geng
Rx. Asteris
Zi Wan

Coughing and chest pain due to Phlegm Heat.


Stubborn cough from Wind-Cold.

Rx. Sophorae Flavescentis
Ku Shen

Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae
Chuan Bei Mu

Rx. Adenophorae/Glehniae
Sha Shen

Fr. Schisandrae
Wu Wei Zi
Hb Ephedrae
Ma Huang
Rz. Zingiberis Recens
Sheng Jiang

Carapax Trionycis
Bie Jia
Cx. Moutan
Mu Dan Pi
Cx. Lycii
Di Gu Pi
Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang
Rx. Scrophulariae
Xuan Shen
Rx. Gentianae Macrophyllae
Qin Jiao

External wash for lice.

Whooping cough.

Spasmodic cough in children.


Sm. Arecae
Bing Lang
Fr. Quisqualis
Shi Jun Zi



Intestinal parasites.



  1. It is used topically as a tincture, paste or wash for head and body lice and fleas.
  2. It is used internally as an enema for pinworms. Take every day for three days.
  3. Western medicine is more effective for parasites.
  4. It is used as a topical wash for vaginal trichomonas.
  5. It is best for chronic coughs from Deficiency.
  6. It is good for any kind of cough, old or new, hot or cold.
  7. Both Bai Bu and Rx. Asparagi Tian Men Dong enter the Lungs and treat coughs. Bai Bu is bitter, drying and warm, treats cold coughs and kills parasites, while Tian Men Dong is sweet, moistening and cold and treats hot coughs.
  8. Fresh Stemona Root Xian Bai Bu Gen is the most effective form of the herb for itching and elimination of parasites. As an external wash, it can treat Wind eczema that has become toxic and the itching of "Leg Qi ". It is somewhat toxic and drying and is not used to treat coughs.
  9. Prepared Stemona Root Zhi Bai Bu has enhanced Lung moistening properties and is especially indicated for chronic cough and dry cough.