Pharmaceutical Latin: Fructus Gleditsiae
Common English: Gleditsia Fruit
Chinese Honeylocust Fruit
Herbs that Transform Phlegm and Stop Coughing: Warm Herbs that Transform Cold Phlegm
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
(Slightly Toxic)
Large Intestine
(Small Intestine)
Powder: 0.6-1.5g
Tincture: 0.25-1.5ml
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Dispels Phlegm

Obstruction due to stubborn Phlegm impairing the normal descent of Lung Qi with cough or wheezing with copious sputum that is difficult to expectorate as well as Phlegm nodules

Opens the Orifices and revives the Spirit

Sudden loss of consciousness with facial paralysis or seizures due to excessive Phlegm. (treats only the manifestation, combine with other herbs to treat the root)

Dissipates clumps and reduces swellings

Initial stages of abscesses or boils

Abscesses in which there is difficulty in discharging pus

Unblocks the bowels and expels roundworms as a suppository

Constipation and Intestinal obstruction due to roundworms

  • Do not overdose as it can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Use only for robust patients with stubborn Phlegm.
  • Contraindicated for those with Qi Deficiency.
  • Contraindicated for those with Yin Deficiency.
  • Contraindicated for those with a bleeding diathesis.
  • Contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • Contraindicated for those with gastric mucosal damage.
  • Separate the ingestion of drugs and this herb by at least two hours to prevent this herb from binding with them and creating an insoluble, indigestible mass.

Hb. Ephedrae
Ma Huang
Rz. Bistortae
Quan Shen
Pig Bile

Ming Fan

Hb. Asari
Xi Xin

Chronic bronchitis with cough or wheezing, a stifling sensation in the chest and viscous, difficult-to-expectorate sputum.

Wind-Phlegm leading to Wind-Stroke, coma or seizures with profuse Phlegm obstructing the orifices with drooling.

Asthma due to profuse Phlegm.

As a nasal insufflation for sudden loss of consciousness, clenched jaw, breathing difficulty and a pale, ashen complexion.

As a suppository to treat constipation or lack of peristalsis.

Hb. Asari
Xi Xin

Feng Mi

Flos Lonicerae
Jin Yin Hua

Rx. Angelicae Dahuricae
Bai Zhi

As a rectal suppository for constipation.

Initial stages of abscesses and boils.

Un-ulcerated or ulcerated abscesses with difficulty discharging pus.

Fr. Jujube
Da Zao

Fr. Jujube
Da Zao
Feng Mi


Phlegm Accumulation in the chest, with cough.

Consumptive Lung disorders.

Lung abscess with cough.

Apply topically as a paste for abscesses and boils.

Sm. Persicae
Tao Ren
Fr. Trichosanthis
Gua Lou






  1. If there is any thick, greasy, filthy, turbid Phlegm in the Intestines or Stomach, Zao Jiao can scour and flush it away leaving the Stomach and Intestines clean and pure.
  2. This herb treats chronic bronchitis, coma, fainting, interrupted sleep due to Phlegm, Windstroke, tetanus and convulsions due to infections.
  3. Both Zao Jiao and Rz. Arisaematis Preparatum Zhi Tian Nan Xing are acrid, warm, intense and are good at dislodging Phlegm. They are used together to treat excessive Phlegm welling upward with a clenched jaw and aphasia in Wind-Stroke, seizures, and withdrawal mania. Zao Jiao is better for opening the jaw and Orifices and moistening the Intestines. Zhi Tian Nan Xing also expels Wind and unblocks the collaterals and is better for treating excessive Phlegm and Internal Wind, or Phlegm Obstructing the channels and collaterals causing numbness of the limbs.
  4. Gleditsia Seeds Zao Jiao Ci are acrid, warm, moist and are best for moistening the Intestines where there is Dryness causing constipation, hemorrhoids, Intestinal Wind with bleeding, tinea or dysenteric disorders with tenesmus. The dosage is 3-9g.
  5. Pig-Tooth Gleditsia Zhu Ya Zao is the infertile, aged or damaged pod. It is stronger for opening the Orifices and superior for lockjaw. This is the most commonly used type.