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Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Dang Gui 3-15g Tonifies, invigorates and harmonizes the Blood and regulates the menses.
Fr. Trichosanthis Gua Lou 9-30g Clears Lung Heat and transforms Hot Phlegm and regulates Qi.
Rz. Cyperi Xiang Fu 6-14g Spreads and regulates Liver Qi, regulates menstruation and alleviates pain.
With Dang Gui, tonifies the Blood and moves Qi, for premenstrual symptoms, menstrual pain and irregular menstruation.
With Chuan Xiong, for Qi Stagnation combined with Blood Stasis.
Sm. Aesculi Suo Luo Zi 3-10g Regulates Qi, relieves the Middle Jiao, descends Qi and stops epigastric pain.
With Dang Gui and Chuan Xiong, for irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea due to Qi and Blood Stasis.
Rz. Chuanxiong Chuan Xiong 3-10g Invigorates the Blood and promotes the movement of Qi Expels Wind and alleviates pain.
With Dang Gui, for Blood Deficiency causing menstrual problems including dysmenorrhea, scanty menses and amenorrhea.
Rx. Dipsaci Xu Duan 6-21g Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, strengthens the sinews and bones, stops uterine bleeding, calms the fetus, prevents miscarriage, promotes the movement of Blood and alleviates pain.
With Du Zhong, tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, strengthens the lower back and secures the Chong and Ren channels to treat aching in the lower back and knees, weakness of the legs which makes walking difficult and especially threatened miscarriage due to instability of the Chong and Ren channels.
Cx. Eucommiae Du Zhong 8-16g Tonifies the Kidneys and Liver, strengthens the sinews and bones, aids the smooth flow of Qi and Blood and calms the fetus.
With Xu Duan, for a restless fetus or bleeding during pregnancy accompanied by lower back pain and a sense of dropping in the lower trunk.
With Gou Qi Zi, for low back pain.
Sm. Cuscutae Tu Si Zi 6-18g Strengthens Yang, nourishes Yin, astringes Jing and urine, benefits the marrow, tonifies the Kidneys and Liver and calms the fetus.
With Du Zhong, enriches and tonifies the Kidneys and Liver, astringes Jing, nourishes Kidney Yin, brightens the eyes and encourages the movement of Primal Yang to treat spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and lower back pain from Kidney Deficiency.
Fol. Photiniae Shi Nan Ye 6-12g Dispels Wind, dredges the channels and tonifies the Kidneys.
Hb. Epimedii Yin Yang Huo 3-15g Tonifies the Kidneys, strengthens Yang, increases the libido, dispels Wind-Cold-Dampness and warms and unblocks the flow of Yang Qi.
Hb. Cistanches Rou Cong Rong 6-21g Tonifies the Kidneys, strengthens Yang,
enefits Jing and marrow and warms the Womb.
With Yin Yang Huo, for decreased sexual desire.
Fr. Akebiae Ba Yue Zha 6-30g Dredges the Liver, regulates Qi, controls pain and invigorates the Blood.
Fr. Lycii Gou Qi Zi 5-18g Nourishes and tonifies Liver and Kidney Blood and Yin and benefits Jing.
  • Tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Regulates the Liver
  • Kidney Yang Deficiency with Liver Qi Stagnation
  • Infertility
  • Premenstrual chest oppression
  • Premenstrual vexation and agitation
  • Premenstrual breast distention and pain
  • Low back soreness and weakness during menstruation
  • Pain in the legs and feet during menstruation
  • Tinnitus during menstruation
  • Post-menstrual scanty vaginal discharge
  • Post-menstrual dry vagina
  • Post-menstrual decline in sexual desire
  • T: maybe dark
  • C: White
  • P; Deficient and wiry
  • Beginning 3-5 days before the onset of menstruation, administer 5 to 7 doses in unbroken succession.