Pharmaceutical Latin: Fructus Aesculi
Common English: Horse Chestnut
Chinese Buckeye Seed
Wilson Buckeye Seed
Herbs that Regulate Qi
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Regulates Qi, relieves the Middle Jiao, descends Qi and stops epigastric pain

Pain due to distention in the chest, hypochondria and Stomach from Liver disharmony

Premenstrual breast distention and pain due to Liver Qi Stagnation

Kills intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites

  • Use caution for those with Qi or Yin Deficiency.

Fr. Akebiae
Ba Yue Zha
Fr. Citri Sarcodactylis
Fo Shou

Fr. liquidamberis
Lu Lu Tong
Rx. Curcumae
Yu Jin
(Rz. Cyperi)
(Xiang Fu)


A stifling sensation in the chest and hypochondriac pain due to Liver/Stomach disharmopny.

Premenstrual breast distention and pain.


  1. Japanese Fr. Aesuclus Suo Luo Zi is used to aid in digestion and absorption by the intestinal tract. It is also used to make skin lotion.
  2. I germany, the seed is used to makle an aqueous extract to treat hemorrhoids, functional uterine bleeding and broken bones and as a general anti-inflammatory.
  3. It is sais that this herb is the most reliable treatment for Stomach pain.
  4. The flesh is bitter and slightly cooling, eases the Middle and descends Qi. It treats epigastric, Liver and diaphragmatic distention and bloating and accumulation due to childhood nutritional impairment, malarial and dysenteric disorders. it also treats hematemesis due to injury due to over exertion.
  5. The flesh also calms the Stomach and unblocks the collaterals and is very effective when charred on a tile or soaked in wine and roasted before consuming.
  6. One Aesculi seed is good for epigastric pain. Remove the shell, pulverize, decoct and consume. It can also make parasites exit with the stool. Take it three times.