Pharmaceutical Latin: Cordyceps
Common English: Cordyceps
Chinese Caterpillar Fungus
Herbs that Tonify the Yang
Taste Temperature Entering Meridians Dosage
Tincture: 2-4ml
Actions Indications/Syndromes

Tonifies the Kidneys, strengthens Yang and augments Jing

Kidney Yang Deficiency with impotence, and sore and weak lower back and lower extremities

Kidney Jing Deficiency

Kidney Yin Deficiency

Nourishes Lung Yin, transforms Phlegm and
tops bleeding

Lung Yin Deficiency with chronic cough and wheezing

Consumptive coughs with Blood-streaked sputum

Asthma due to Kidney and Lung Deficiencies
  • Use caution for those with Exterior conditions.

Cx. Eucommiae
Du Zhong
Hb. Epimedii
Yin Yang Huo
Hb. Cistanches
Rou Cong Rong

Duck, Chicken, Pork or Fish

Rx. Astragali
Huang Qi
Rz. Atractylodis Macrocephalae
Bai Zhu
Fr. Tritici Levis
Fu Xiao Mai

Spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and low back and lower extremity pain from Kidney Deficiency.

As a stew for weakness, dizziness, spontaneous sweat, and other symptoms of debility and lowered resistance from weak Wei Qi.

Sweating due to weakened Wei Qi.

Rx. Adenophorae/Glehniae
Sha Shen
Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae
Chuan Bei Mu
Colla Corii Asini
E Jiao

Ge Jie

Rx. Ophiopogonis
Mai Men Dong
Hb. Dendrobii
Shi Hu
Rx. Rehmanniae
Sheng Di Huang

Cough, wheezing coughing up blood and chest pain from Lung Yin Deficiency.

Asthma with Lung and Kidney involvement.

Served daily as a beverage for Lung cancer.

Cx. Eucommiae
Du Zhong
Rx. Dipsaci
Xu Duan

Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum
Lu Rong
Hb. Epimedii
Yin Yang Huo
Fr. Lycii
Gou Qi Zi

Fr. Lycii
Gou Qi Zi

Fr. Corni
Shan Zhu Yu

Bone and joint disorders.



Rx. Astragali
Huang Qi
Beef, Lamb or Duck

Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae
Chuan Bei Mu
Colla Corii Asini
E Jiao

Rx. Ophiopogonis
Mai Men Dong
Bul. Lilii
Bai He

Ge Jie

Rx. Ginseng
Ren Shen
Fr. Schisandrae
Wu Wei Zi

As a stew for spontaneous sweating during recovery from chronic illness.

Chronic cough due to Kidney and Lung Yin Deficiencies with scanty, Blood-streaked sputum.

Chronic feeble cough and weakness due to Kidney and Ling Qi Deficiencies.

  1. It is called Winter Bug Summer Herb because it is a fungus growing on the molt of caterpillar.
  2. It tonifies Yin and Yang so is safe to take for long periods of time.
  3. It is expensive but can be collected locally.
  4. It is good for focal distention and pain due to Deficiency.
  5. It treats pangs of pain in the low back and knees.
  6. It protects the Lungs, firms the ores and interstices.
  7. It is also tonifies Jing and augments the marrow.
  8. This herb has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
  9. It has been used recently to treat cancer, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.
  10. This herb is often compared to Rx. Ginseng Ren Shen for its life-extending abilities.
  11. Both Dong Chong Xia Cao and Gecko Ge Jie tonify the Lungs and Kidneys, warm the Yang, augment Jing, and settle coughs and wheezing. Ge Jie is salty, neutral, calms wheezing, and stops cough by assisting the Kidneys to grasp Qi. It also strongly tonifies the Lung Qi. Dong Chong Xia Cao calms wheezing and stops cough by descending rebellious Qi. It also transforms phlegm, stops bleeding and stops sweating by reinforcing Wei Qi.