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Pin Yin
Cx. Phellodendri Huang Bai 15g Drains Damp-Heat especially from the Lower Jiao and drains Kidney Fire.
With Zhi Mu, for Yin Deficiency fever with steaming bones and night sweats and Lower Jiao Damp-Heat.
Plastrum Testudinis Gui Ban 20g Nourishes Yin, anchors Yang, benefits the Kidneys, strengthens the bones, nourishes the Blood, enriches Yin and stabilizes the Chong and Ren channels.
With Shu Di Huang, Zhi Mu and Huang Bai, for Yin Deficient Heat.
Rx. Rehmanniae Preparata Shu Di Huang 20g Nourishes the Blood, nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin, nourishes Jing and fills the Marrow.
Rz. Anemarrhenae Zhi Mu 10g Clears Heat, drains Fire, nourishes Yin, moistens Dryness, generates Fluids, clears Deficiency Fire and quenches thirst.
With Huang Bai and Shu Di Huang, for Yin Deficiency with Empty Fire.
Rx. Paeoniae Alba Bai Shao 10g Nourishes the Blood and astringes Yin.
Hb. Cynomorii Suo Yang 10g Tonifies the Kidneys, benefits Jing and marrow, strengthens Yang, nourishes Liver Yin and Blood and strengthens sinews and bones.
With Shu Di Huang and Gui Ban, for Soreness and weakness of the back and knees.
Os Tigris Hu Gu 10g Dispels Wind-Dampness, controls pain and strengthens the sinews and bones - This is an endangered species Do Not Use.
(Os Canis) (Gou Gu) (10g) (Pungent and warm, it strengthens sinews and bones, expels Wind-Dampness, and stops pain. It is used as a substitute for Hu Gu.)
Per. Citri Reticulatae Chen Pi 6g Regulates Qi, adjusts the Middle, relieves the diaphragm and helps prevent Stagnation from tonic herbs.
Rz. Zingiberis Gan Jiang 6g Dispels Wind-Dampness seeping into the Lower Jiao.
Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Dang Gui 10g Tonifies, invigorates and harmonizes the Blood, disperses Cold and stops pain due to Blood Stasis.
With Shu Di Huang, for Heat symptoms due to Yin Deficiency and Devastated Blood.
Rx. Achyranthis Bidentatae Niu Xi 10g Invigorates the Blood, expels Blood Stasis, nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin, strengthens the sinews and bones, benefits the joints and descends Blood and Fire.
With Shu Di Huang, Gui Ban and Suo Yang, for a weak lower back and extremities due to Liver and Kidney Deficiency.
Ovis Aries (Mutton) Yang Rou 20g Tonifies Deficiency, expels Cold and relieves cold pain.
With Gui Ban, tonifies Yang and nourish Yin.
  • Nourishes Yin
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves walking
  • Reduces Deficiency Fire
  • Weakness of the bones, tendons and knees due to Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat Rising
  • Weakness of the bones, tendons and knees
  • Lumbago
  • Difficulty walking
  • Softness of the lower back
  • Weak legs
  • Lack of force when walking
  • Emaciation
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Five-sole Heat
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling of warmth
  • Tiredness
  • Thirst
  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • T: Red
  • C: Little or none
  • P: Thready, weak and slightly rapid
  • Contraindicated for those with Blood Stagnation.
  • Contraindicated for those with Wind-Cold-Damp.
  • Contraindicated for those with Qi Deficiency.