English: Tangkuei and Rehmannia Decoction
Also Known As: Angelica Sinensis and Rehmannia Decoction
Angelica Sinensis and Rehmannia Drink
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Dang Gui 6-9g Tonifies, invigorates and harmonizes the Blood, disperses Cold, stops pain due to Blood Stasis and regulates the menses.
Rx. Rehmanniae Preparata Shu Di Huang 9-15g Nourishes the Blood and Jing and nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin.
With Dang Gui, for Blood Deficiency marked by dizziness, palpitations, insomnia and menstrual dysfunction.
With Shan Zhu Yu, nourishes Kidney Yin and secures Jing, while restraining urination and sweating.
With Shan Zhu Yu and Shan Yao, for dizziness, weak and sore back, impotence, spermatorrhea and night sweats, due to Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiency.
Rz. Dioscoreae Shan Yao 6g Tonifies Kidney Yin and astringes Jing.
Cx. Eucommiae Du Zhong 6g Tonifies the Kidneys and Liver, strengthens the sinews and bones, aids the smooth flow of Qi and Blood and Tonifies Kidney Yang.
Rx. Achyranthis Bidentatae Niu Xi 4.5g Invigorates the Blood, expels Blood Stasis and nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin.
With Du Zhong, for low back and extremity pain and weakness due to Bi pain or Kidney Deficiency.
Fr. Corni Shan Zhu Yu 3g Stabilizes the Kidneys, astringes Jing, tonifies Liver and Kidney Yin and strengthens Kidney Yang.
With Dang Gui and Shu Di Huang, for night sweats due to Yin Deficiency.
Rx. Glycyrrhizae Preparata Zhi Gan Cao 2.4g Moderates and harmonizes the harsh properties of other herbs.
  • Enriches Kidney and Liver Yin
  • Nourishes the Blood
  • Regulates menstruation
  • Strengthens Kidney Yang
  • Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiency in women
  • Scanty menstruation due to Kidney Yang Deficiency
  • Kidney Qi Deficiency
  • Pain and weakness in the lower back and legs
  • Scanty periods with pale blood
  • Foot and heel pain
  • Light headedness
  • Frequent pale urination
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • T: Dry or Pale and swollen
  • C: Normal
  • P: Deep and Thready or Deep and weak