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Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Rx. Arnebiae/ Lithospermi Zi Cao 15g Clears Heat, cools the Blood, invigorates Blood circulation, relieves Fire toxins and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Dang Gui 12g Tonifies, invigorates and harmonizes the Blood Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh and alleviates pain.
Fluoritum Zi Shi Ying 30g Warms the Womb and warms and unblocks the Chong and Ren channels.
Rx. Salviae Miltiorrhizae Dan Shen 15g Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, cools the Blood, reduces abscesses and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
With Dang Gui, for irregular menstruation and retained lochia from Blood Stasis.
Cx. Moutan Mu Dan Pi 10g Clears Heat,cools and harmonizes the Blood, clears Deficiency Fire, invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, drains pus and reduces swelling.
Rx. Gentianae Long Dan Cao 6g Drains Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder channels and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Rx. Rubiae Carbonisatus Qian Cao Tan 15g Stops bleeding.
With Long Gu, for Blood-streaked leukorrhea.
Fossilia Ossis Mastodi Long Gu 15g Calms the Liver, anchors and preserves Floating Yang, and prevents the leakage of fluids.
Concha Ostreae Mu Li 15g Calms the Liver, benefits Yin, anchors Floating Yang, prevents leakage of fluids, softens hardness, dissipates nodules and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Endoconcha Sepiae Hai Piao Xiao 15g Restrains, holds in and stops bleeding, secures Jing and stops discharge.
With Qian Cao Tan, for excessive uterine bleeding.
Fr. Lycii Gou Qi Zi 10g Nourishes and tonifies Liver and Kidney Blood and Yin and benefits Jing.
  • Clears Heat
  • Cools the Blood
  • Invigorates Blood circulation
  • Relieves Fire toxins
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells
  • Blood Stagnation with Blood Heat
  • Menorrhagia
  • Stranguria
  • Hematuria
  • Hypochondriac pain
  • Chest distention
  • Abdominal pain
  • Poor appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Pain that is fixed, stabbing and /or severe
  • Pain is worse with pressure
  • Dark complexion
  • Fixed, palpable masses
  • Bleeding with clots
  • Purple lips
  • Purple nails
  • Dry skin
  • Blue, dark or purplish discoloration of skin in small or large areas,
  • Varicose and spider veins
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Tendency to hemorrhage dark blood or clots
  • Maybe jaundice
  • T: Purple, possible red spots
  • C: White
  • P: Choppy or Wiry and choppy and rapid