American Dragon Newsletter

"Treatment Protocols" is and always will be a work in progress.

Dear friends and colleagues,

Here is the April edition of the "American Dragon Newsletter". There is lots of good stuff this month, lots of new formulas and updates.

The main focus of "Treatment Protocols" is the treatment of medical conditions by Chinese Medicine. This primarily includes the use herb formulas and acupuncture. I only add herbs, herb formulas and acupuncture points when they appear as treatment methods for the specific medical condition that I am working on.

Condition updates may be either additional syndromes, additional herb formulas or additional point combinations.

Formula updates are usually additional modifications.

Individual Herb and point updates are usually additional bits of information added to the "Notes" section.

I have been asked about the formulas whose titles contain the name of a condition plus a number, for example Stomach Cancer #6. These formulas are attributed to well known ancient and modern Chinese doctors but do not have names. They are often called "experiential formulas". I have found that many of these formulas are quite effective since they were designed to treat the specific condition named.

I hope you derive benefit from this site and, as always, it is free of charge so I am pleased if you share it with your friends and colleagues.

Wishing you all good health,



New Conditions
New Formulas:
Chyluria (Cloudy Urination) Aphasia #1
Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis, Urethritis) Bai Zhu Wan Jia Jian
Condition Updates:
Bao Luo Huo Yu Tang Jia Jian
Abdominal Pain Bu Shen Ci Shi Wan Jia Wei
Aphasia Cancer #18
Chronic Hepatitis Cancer #19
Coronary Heart Disease CVA #1
Dizziness CVA #2
Esophageal Cancer CVA #3
Gout Esophageal Cancer #66
Impotence Fu Gan Pian
Infertility Hemiplegia #6
Liver Cancer Infertility #33
Low Back Pain Infertility #34
Myopia Infertility #35
Post-Stroke Paralysis Infertility #36
Spermatorrhea Infertility #37
Strangury Infertility #38
Stroke Jiu Ji Xi Xian San
Tinnitus Liver Cancer #29
Ulcer Liver Cancer #30
Urolithiasis Liver Cancer #31
Formula Updates:
Niao Lu Pai Shi Tang Er Hao
Ba Zheng San Qi And Blood Stagnation #1
Bai Hu Tang Qi, Blood and Phlegm Stagnation #1
Bao He Wan Qi Yu Tang
Chen Xiang San Rou Gan Hua Yu Wan
Da Bu Yuan Jian Shu Qi Li Dan Pian
Da Qin Jiao Tang Tiao Gan Pi He Chuan Lian Zi San Jia Jian
Dan Shen Yin Ulcer #3
Dao Tan Tang Yue Ju Bao He Wan
Di Huang Yin Zi  
Individual Herb Updates:
Er Chen Tang Tu Fu Ling
Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan
New Individual Herbs:
Gui Pi Tang Ji Xue Cao
Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang Xiang Gu
Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang
Point Updates:
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan KI-25
Mai Men Dong Tang REN-2
Man Jing Zi San REN-17
Qian Zheng San REN-18
Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang REN-19
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San REN-20
Shi Wei San REN-21
Si Ni San ST-23
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin UB-15
Wen Dan Tang UB-39
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang UB-43
Xiao Yao San UB-44
Yin Qiao Hong Jiang Jie Du Tang UB-48
You Gui Wan UB-50
Zuo Jin Wan
New Points: