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English: Green Spirit
Also Known As: Youthful Spirit
Blue-Green Spirit
  • 3 cun above HT-3 Shaohai.
  • When the elbow is flexed, the point is 3 cun above the medial end of the transverse cubital crease, in the groove medial to m. biceps brachii
  • 3 cun proximal to the medial end of the transverse cubital crease, on the line connecting HT-1 Jiquan and HT-3 Shaohai.
  • Straight insertion, 0.5 to 1 cun.
  • Puncture perpendicularly 0.3 to 0.r cun.
  • Moxibustion is applicable.
  • Oblique distal or proximal insertion 0.5 to i cun, avoiding the brachial artery.
  • Activates the channel
  • Alleviates pain
  • Costalgia
  • Icteric sclera
  • Body tremors
  • Chest or epigastric pain
  • Intercostal neuralgia
  • Shoulder and arm stiffness
  • Jaundiced (yellow) eyes
  • Fever
  • Swelling, pain and redness of the shoulder
  • Scrofula
  • Mental abnormalities
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Pain in the cardiac and hypochondriac regions
  • Intercostal pain
  • Inability to raise the arm
  • Shoulder and arm inflammation or paralysis
  • Frontal and generalized headache
  • Pain of the axilla
  • Headache with Cold shivering
  • Intense dislike of wearing clothes
  • Aversion to Cold



Pain in the shoulder and upper arm

  • Many early texts implied that needling this point was contraindicated and that only moxibustion should be used.