English: Mother of Pearl Pill
Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Concha Margaritaferae Usta Zhen Zhu Mu 21-30g Calms the Liver, anchors Yang, drains Liver Fire, sedates fright and calms the Spirit.
With Long Chi, strongly calms and anchors Spirit and restrains Liver Yang.
With Long Chi, Shui Niu Jiao and Dang Gui, for irritability, dizziness, palpitations with anxiety and insomnia from Heart and Liver Yin Deficiency.
Fossilia Dentis Mastodi Long Chi 15g Settles anxiety,calms the Spirit, calms the Liver, anchors and preserves Floating Yang and is especially effective for palpitations with anxiety, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, convulsions and delirium.
With Suan Zao Ren, Fu Shen, Bai Zi Ren and Zhen Zhu Mu, for restless Shen due to Heart Deficiency.
Dry-fried Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Chao Dang Gui 45g Tonifies, activates and harmonizes the Blood and disperses Cold.
With Shu Di Huang, for Heat symptoms due to Yin Deficiency and Devastated Blood.
Rx. Rehmanniae Preparata Shu Di Huang 45g Nourishes the Blood and nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin.
With Dang Gui, for Blood Deficiency marked by dizziness, palpitations, insomnia and menstrual dysfunction.
With Dang Gui, Bai Zi Ren and Suan Zao Ren, for insomnia and palpitations.
With Ren Shen, Qi, Blood and Yin Deficiency.
Rx. Ginseng Ren Shen 30g Tonifies Heart Qi and calms the Spirit.
With Shu Di Huang, for Qi and Yin Deficiency.
Dry-fried Sm. Zizyphi Spinosae Chao Suan Zao Ren 30g Warmly tonifies and nourishes the Heart, astringe the Liver, calms the Spirit, facilitates sleep and treats irritable thirst and sweating from Deficiency.
Sm. Platycladi Bai Zi Ren 30g Nourishes the Heart, calms the Spirit and astringes Yin Deficiency sweat.
With Suan Zao Ren, strongly quiets the Spirit, calms the emotions, enriches the Yin and Blood, stops night sweats and treats palpitations, irritability and insomnia due to Yin and Blood Deficiency failing to nourish the Heart and Liver.
With Suan Zao Ren, Dang Gui and Fu Shen, for insomnia, and palpitations due to Heart Blood Deficiency.
Cornu Bubali Shui Niu Jiao 30-60g Clears Heat from the Ying and Xue stages,
elieves Fire toxicity and cools the Blood.
Poria Pararadicis Fu Shen 15g Quiets the Heart, calms the Spirit and soothes the nerves.
Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum Chen Xiang 15g Promotes movement of Qi, descends Qi, regulates the Middle, dispels Cold, warms the Kidneys, Spleen and Stomach and alleviates pain.
  • Enriches Yin
  • Nourishes the blood
  • Sedates the Heart
  • Calms the Shen
  • Calms the Liver
  • Anchors Yang
  • Heart and Liver Yin and Blood Deficiency with Liver Yang Rising
  • Irritability
  • Restless sleep
  • Occasional palpitations
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Fright
  • Insomnia
  • Vertigo
  • T: Red or Pale or Pink
  • C: Little or None
  • P: Thready and wiry
  • Contraindicated for those with Phlegm-Dampness or Phlegm-Heat
For a more severe problem: For palpitations due to Liver Fire attacking the Heart:
+ Magnetitum Ci Shi
+ Concha Ostreae Mu Li - Fossilia Dens Mastodi Long Chi
+ Fossilia Ossis Mastodi Long Gu - Rx. Ginseng Ren Shen
    - Cornu Bubali Shui Niu Jiao
    - Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum Chen Xiang
    + 3-6g Rx. Gentianae Long Dan Cao
    + 5g Rx. Bupleuri Chai Hu
    + 6g Rx. Platycodi Jie Geng
    + 6g Fr. Aurantii Zhi Ke
    + 3g Rz. Coptidis Huang Lian
    + 10g Fr. Gardeniae Zhi Zi