English: Artemisia, Gardenia, Polygonum Cuspidatum and Scutellaria Decoction
Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Hb. Artemisiae Scopariae Yin Chen Hao 30g Clears Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder and relieves jaundice.
With Huang Qin, for Damp-Heat skin rashes.
With Zhi Zi, strongly relieves Damp-Heat jaundice.
Rz. Imperatae Bai Mao Gen 15g Cools the Blood, stops bleeding, clears Heat and promotes urination.
With Yin Chen Hao and Zhi Zi, for Damp-Heat jaundice.
Rz. Polygoni Cuspidati Hu Zhang 15g Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, clears Heat, resolves Dampness and Phlegm, discharges toxins and stops pain.
With Yin Chen Hao and Zhi Zi, for Damp-Heat jaundice.
Fr. Crataegi Shan Zha 15g Reduces and guides out Food Stagnation, transforms accumulations, dispels Blood Stasis, invigorates the Blood, dissipates clumps and stops diarrhea.
Fr. Hordei Germinatus Mai Ya 15g Reduces Food Stagnation, improves digestion, strengthens the Stomach and facilitates the smooth flow of Liver Qi.
Rx. Curcumae Yu Jin 12g Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, regulates Qi, alleviates pain, clears Heat, cools the Blood, benefits the Gallbladder and reduces jaundice.
With Yin Chen Hao and Zhi Zi, for jaundice with flank pain, constriction and distention of the chest, scanty urination and anorexia due to Damp-Heat febrile disease.
Fr. Gardeniae Zhi Zi 12g Clears Heat, reduces Fire, eliminates irritability, drains Damp-Heat, Cools the Blood, relieves toxicity and stops bleeding by astringing.
With Bai Mao Gen, for epistaxis, hematemesis or hematuria.
Rx. Scutellariae Huang Qin 9g Clears Heat, dries Dampness, drains Fire, detoxifies, cools the Blood,d stops bleeding and calms ascending Liver Yang.
With Zhi Zi, for Damp-Heat and jaundice.
With Yin Chen Hao and Zhi Zi, for Damp-Heat with jaundice.
Poria Fu Ling 9g Promotes urination, leaches out Dampness,strengthens the Spleen and harmonizes the Middle Jiao.
  • Clears Heat
  • Eliminates Dampness
  • Damp-Heat jaundice
  • Jaundice
  • Anorexia
  • Abdominal distention and discomfort
  • Suffocating sensation in the chest
  • Epigastric mass
  • Maybe abdominal pain on palpation
  • Yang jaundice (sclera and skin are bright yellow)
  • Dislike of oily foods
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lassitude
  • Scanty, dark urine
  • Maybe thirst or thirst with no desire to drink
  • Diarrhea with foul smell or
  • Constipation
  • Fever
  • Sweet sticky taste or bitter taste in mouth
  • T: Pink
  • C: Thick, yellow and greasy (maybe sticky)
  • P: Soft and rapid
For nose and gum bleeding: For constipation:
+ 15g Rx. Rehmanniae Sheng Di Huang + 6-9g Rx. et Rz. Rhei Da Huang
+ 9g Cx. Moutan Mu Dan Pi For vomiting:
For Food Stagnation: + 9g Rz. Pinelliae Preparatum Zhi Ban Xia
+ 6g Fr. Aurantii Immaturus Zhi Shi
+ 6g Per. Citri Reticulatae Chen Pi
+ 6g Massa Medicata Fermentata Shen Qu