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Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Fr. Toosendan Chuan Lian Zi 9g Dredges Liver Qi, releases Stagnation, stops pain and conducts Heat out from below.
Rz. Acori Tatarinowii Shi Chang Pu 9g Opens the Orifices, vaporizes Phlegm, removes filth, calms the Spirit, disperses Wind, promotes Blood flow, reduces swelling and alleviates sores (internally and topically).
Rx. Paeoniae Alba Bai Shao 12g Nourishes Blood, calms Liver Yang and Liver Wind and alleviates pain.
Rx. Scrophulariae Xuan Shen 12g Clears Heat, cools the Blood, softens hardness, dissipates nodules (transforms Phlegm-Heat), drains Fire and relieves toxicity.
Fr. Trichosanthis Gua Lou 15g Clears Lung Heat, transforms Hot Phlegm, reduces abscesses, dissipates nodules and eliminates pus.
Concha Ostreae (raw) Mu Li 30g Softens hardness and dissipates nodules.
Sp. Prunellae Xia Ku Cao 30g Clears Liver Fire, clears Hot Phlegm and dissipates nodules.
Spina Gleditsiae Zao Jiao Ci 15g Draws out toxicity, discharges pus, invigorates the Blood and reduces swelling.
Borax (added last) Peng Sha 1.5g Relieves toxicity, prevents putrefication, reduces swellings, clears Heat and dissolves Phlegm.
  • Dredges Liver Qi
  • Releases Stagnation
  • Stops pain
  • Relieves toxicity
  • Dissipates nodules
  • Clears Heat
  • Dissolves Phlegm
  • Reduces swelling
  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Lower Nose
  • Metatastic tumors of the cervical lymph nodes with pronounced cancerous swelling
  • Emotional depression
  • Irascibility
  • A bitter taste in the mouth
  • Dry throat
  • Movable hard tumor in the neck
  • T: Red tip
  • C: Thin and white
  • P: Wiry and thready
For extreme thirst and a relatively large swelling on the neck: For a yellow tongue coat:
+ 30 Rx. Trichosanthis Tian Hua Fen + 9g Rx. Scutellariae Huang Qin
For Qi Deficiency:
+ 30g Hb. Oldenlandia Bai Hua She She Cao
+ 15g Rx. Codonopsis Dang Shen    
+ 30g Fr. Psoraliae Bu Gu Zhi