English: Obesity Formula
Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Rx. Astragali Huang Qi 15g Tonifies Qi and Blood, strengthens the Spleen, raises the Yang Qi of the Spleen and Stomach, promotes urination and reduces edema.
With Bai Zhu, for Spleen Qi Deficiency with weakness, lassitude and loose stools.
Rz. Alismatis Ze Xie 12g Promotes urination and leaches out Dampness.
With Bai Zhu, for Spleen Deficiency leading to accumulation of Dampness with urinary difficulty, loose stools, diarrhea, Milky Lin or vaginal discharge.
Fr. Crataegi Shan Zha 9g Reduces and guides out Food Stagnation, transforms accumulations, transforms Blood Stasis, invigorates Blood circulation and stops diarrhea.
Fol. Nelumbinis He Ye 9g Relieves Summerheat and raises and clears Spleen Yang.
Rz. Atractylodis Macrocephalae Bai Zhu 9g Tonifies the Spleen, augments Qi, dries Dampness and promotes water metabolism.
Fol. Sennae Fan Xie Ye 3-9g Drains downward, guides out Stagnation and eliminates Excess Heat.
  • Strengthens the Spleen
  • Tonifies Qi
  • Clears Heat
  • Eliminates Dampness
  • Unblocks the stool
  • Spleen Qi Deficiency with Heat
  • Obesity
  • Hungers easily after eating
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of strength
  • Tends toward alternating
  • loose stools and constipation
  • Red facial complexion
  • Dry mouth with a desire to drink
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath
  • T: Enlarged
  • C: Yellow
  • P: Slippery and wiry
For severe Stomach Heat: For severe constipation:
+ 18g Gypsum Fibrosum Shi Gao + 6-9g Rx. et Rz. Rhei Da Huang
+ 9g Fr. Gardeniae Zhi Zi
For Damp Accumulation with edema in the lower limbs:
+ 6g Rx. Glycyrrhizae Gan Cao + 12g Rx. Stephaniae Tetrandrae Han Fang Ji
    + 15g Rx. Astragali Huang Qi