English: Rehmannia, Scrophularia and Gypsum Decoction
Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Rx. Rehmanniae Sheng Di Huang 30g Clears Heat, cools the Blood, nourishes Yin and generates fluids.
With Bai Shao, for Blood Deficiency Heat.
With Xuan Shen, for Kidney Yin Deficiency with Fire Blazing.
Radix Scrophulariae Xuan Shen 30g Clears Heat, drains Fire and cools the Blood, nourishes Yin and transforms Phlegm-Heat.
Gypsum Fibrosum Shi Gao 30g Clears Heat in the Qi Stage and drains Fire.
With Sheng Di Huang, for excessive Fire with injured fluids.
Rx. Paeoniae Alba Bai Shao 24g Nourishes the Blood, astringes Yin, calms Liver Yang and Liver Wind and alleviates pain.
Myrrh Mo Yao 15g Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis and alleviates pain.
Rx. et Rz. NotopterygiI Qiang Huo 6g Expels Wind-Cold-Dampness, unblocks painful obstruction and alleviates pain.
Hb. cum Radice Asari Xi Xin 3g Disperses Wind-Cold and Internal Cold and alleviates pain.
With Sheng Di Huang, for headache and toothache due to Wind-Heat.
Rz. Gastrodiae Tian Ma 3g Extinguishes Wind, subdues Rising Liver Yang, calms the Liver, stops spasms and tremors and alleviates pain.
  • Nourishes Kidney and Liver Yin
  • Clears Deficiency Heat
  • Cools and invigorates the Blood
  • Dispels Stasis
  • Unblocks the channels
  • Stops pain
  • Kidney and Liver Yin Deficiency with Empty Fire Rising and Blood Stagnation
  • Recurrent episodes of severe, fixed, burning, one-sided face and head pain
  • Fatigue
  • Emaciation
  • Malar flush
  • Afternoon fever
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus
  • Low back and knee soreness and weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Red eyes
  • T: Red
  • C: Scanty yellow, or Dry or None
  • P: Thready, wiry and rapid
For severe one-sided upper face pain: For severe one-sided lower face pain:
+ 15g Rz. Chuanxiong Chuan Xiong + 15g Rz. Anemarrhenae Zhi Mu
For facial tics:
+ 15g Ram. cum Uncis Uncariae Gou Teng For red, tearing eyes:
+ 15g Flos Chrysanthemi Ju Hua
+ 6g Scolopendrae Wu Gong
    + 9g Rx. Scutellariae Huang Qin