Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Flos Lonicerae Jin Yin Hua 15g Clears Heat, resolves Fire toxicity and clears Damp-Heat from the Lower Jiao.
Hb. Taraxaci Pu Gong Ying 10g Reduces abscesses, dissipates nodules, clears Heat, resolves Dampness and relieves Fire toxicity.
Caulis Sargentodoxae Hong Teng 15g Clears Heat, resolves toxicity, reduces abscesses, invigorates the Blood, disperses Stasis and stops pain
Concha Arecae Wa Leng Zi 15g Invigorates the Blood, dissolves Phlegm, resolves Stagnation, softens hardness, dissipates nodules and alleviates pain.
Sm. Vaccariae Wang Bu Liu Xing 15g Promotes the movement of Blood, invigorates the channels, reduces swelling, drains abscesses and promotes healing of incised wounds.
Olibanum Ru Xiang 5g Invigorates the Blood, promotes the movement of Qi, reduces swelling and generates flesh.
Myrrh Mo Yao 5g Invigorates the Blood, dispels Blood Stasis, alleviates pain, reduces swelling, generates flesh and promotes healing.
With Ru Xiang, for swollen, painful sores and sores that are hard but not painful.
  • Clears Heat
  • Resolves toxins
  • Invigorates the Blood
  • Disperses Stagnation
  • Toxic Heat
  • Local inflammation with pus
  • Deep-rooted, hard and painful boils
  • Erythema
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Carbuncles
  • Furuncles
  • Fever and chills
  • Pain
  • T: Red
  • C: Yellow and greasy
  • P: Rapid