Dr. Joel Penner, O.M.D., L.Ac.



What is the American Dragon's Path?

lecturer, Joel Penner, los AngelesThe Dragon, in China, symbolizes transformation, the search for wisdom, happiness and immortality. It symbolizes balanced growth in spirit and brings eternal change.

The American Dragon is a person who is native to Western Culture but has adopted an Eastern world view.

The American Dragon understands the Eastern concepts of Yin, Yang, Qi, and "The Five Elements" and uses them to enhance her or his own life.

The American Dragon seeks to transform himself or herself from a reactor to an actor.

The American Dragon actively works toward living a healthy, happy and rewarding life.

Suggested Keynote Topics:

Chasing the Wind: The Prevention and Treatment of Colds and Flu

How do I Feel?: How Positive and Negative Emotions Affect Your Health

All Work and No Play: The Surprising Role of the Arts in Maintaining Optimum Health

The Four Seasons: How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Overall Well Being

What These Classes Will Do for You!

Chinese Medicine as a Model of Chinese Thought:

Yin and Yang: The universal principle of balance

Qi: The fundamental substance of the universe and the bridge between the mind and body

The Five Elements: Based on observation of the physical world, "The Five Elements" explains the interrelationships between organisms.


Dr. Joel Penner, O.M.D., L.Ac


Dear Dr. Penner, Thank you for your very interesting talk last week on prevention and treatment of colds. My employees are still talking about it. Your presentation, I'm sure, will assist us in having many fewer sick days in the future. We would, without hesitation, recommend you as a speaker to any company that wants to both improve the bottom line and their employee's health care.

With kindest regards,
Curt A. Paulson, CEO, AMC Publishing Inc., Antioch, CA

I have known Joel, both as a practitioner and as a lecturer. In addition to his being a gifted healer, he is an amazing teacher, who has the ability to take complex cross-cultural concepts, simplify them, and make them easily understood by Western audiences. His question and answer sessions are both stimulating and fun.
Carole Field, MFT, Author of "Dating Down and Those of Us Who Do It."

I have known Joel Penner for more than twenty-six years. He is a brilliant presenter, at the same time, innovative, interesting, poignant and funny. I had the opportunity to see his reviews and they were stellar;among the highest. His students love him and he cares.
William Morris, DAOM, PhD, LAc, President, AOMA: Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Austin, Texas.

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