English: Extinguish Wind Decoction
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Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Periostracum Cicadae Chan Tui 3-10g Disperses Wind, clears Heat, stops spasms and extinguishes Liver Wind.
Rx. Gentianae Long Dan Cao 3-10g Drains Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder channels and drains and pacifies Excess Liver Fire.
Flos Chrysanthemi Ju Hua 4.5-20g Disperses Wind, clears Heat calms Liver Yang and extinguishes Wind.
With Chan Tui, for Liver Heat from either Wind-Heat or Liver Yang Rising.
Bombyx Batryticatus Jiang Can 3-10g Extinguishes Wind and stops spasms and convulsions.
With Chan Tui, Gou Teng and Ju Hua, for febrile convulsions.
Ram. cum Uncis Uncariae Gou Teng 6-16g Extinguishes Wind, alleviates spasms, drains Liver Heat and pacifies Liver Yang.
Fossilia Ossis Mastodi Long Gu 15-30g Settles anxiety, calms the Spirit, calms the Liver and anchors and preserves Floating Yang.
Concha Ostreae Mu Li 9-30g Heavily settles and calms the Spirit, calms the Liver, benefits Yin and anchors Floating Yang.
With Long Gu and Bai Shao, for anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, and dream disturbed sleep and headache, dizziness and tinnitus and other symptoms associated with Yin Deficiency with Yang Rising.
Rx. Paeoniae Alba Bai Shao 5-30g Nourishes the Blood, astringes Yin, softens the Liver, calms Liver Yang and Liver Wind and alleviates pain.
With Gou Teng and Ju Hua, for headache and dizziness due to Liver Yang Rising.
With Long Gu and Mu Li, for spontaneous sweating and night sweats due to Yin Deficiency.
  • Clears Heat
  • Nourishes the Blood
  • Stops spasms
  • Extinguishes Liver Wind
  • Settles and calms the Spirit
  • Calms the Liver
  • Benefits Yin
  • Anchors Floating Yang
  • Liver Blood Deficiency Generates Wind
  • Liver Yang Rising Generates Wind
  • Liver Heat Generating Wind;
    Dizziness and vertigo to the point of falling over
    Headache with a drawing sensation
    Numbness and tremor of limbs
    Twitching and involuntary writhing of hands and feet
    Unsteady gait
    T: Red
    P: Thready and wiry
  • Windstroke:
    Sudden loss of consciousness
    Tongue stiffness with aphasia
    Facial paralysis
  • Liver Blood Deficiency Generating Wind:
    Pale complexion
    Pale lips
    Blurred or failing vision
    Spots before eyes
    Dry eyes
    Pale nail beds
    Frightens easily
    Insomnia with much dreaming
    Numbness of limbs
    Tremor, spasms or involuntary movements (chorea)
    Involuntary shaking of head
    Light menses or amenorrhea
    Late menses
    Tic or tremor of hands and feet
    Maybe trismus
    T: Pale
    C: Little
    P: Thready and wiry