English: Mysterious Decoction
Also Known As: Ma Huang and Magnolia Combination
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Hb. Ephedrae Ma Huang 5-6g Induces sweating, releases the Exterior, warms and disperses Cold pathogens, disseminates and facilitates Lung Qi, calms wheezing and stops coughing.
With Xing Ren, for Wind-Cold cough and wheezing.
With Xing Ren, Chen Pi and Hou Po, for wheezing and dyspnea due to Qi and Phlegm Stagnation.
Sm. Armeniacae Xing Ren 4-6g Stops cough and calms wheezing.
Per. Citri Reticulatae Chen Pi 2.5-3g Regulates and descends Qi, adjusts the Middle, relieves the diaphragm, dries Dampness and
ransforms Phlegm.
Cx. Magnoliae Officinalis Hou Po 3-6g Descends Rebellious Qi, dries Dampness,reduces Phlegm and calms wheezing.
With Xing Ren, strongly descends Qi, disperses Phlegm-Dampness and calms wheezing to treat cough and wheezing from Phlegm-Dampness leading to Lung Qi Stagnation.
With Ma Huang and Xing Ren, for cough and wheezing with copious sputum due to congested fluids.
Fol. Perillae Zi Su Ye 1.5-3g Releases the Exterior and disperses Cold, relieves Cold induced wheezing, harmonizes the Middle Jiao and relieves intestinal gas.
Rx. Bupleuri Chai Hu 2-3g Disperses Wind-Heat, resolves Phlegm and congestion, spreads Liver Qi and relieves Stagnation.
With Gan Cao, for Wind-Heat fever.
Rx. Glycyrrhizae Gan Cao 2-3g Moistens the Lungs, resolves Phlegm, stops cough, moderates and harmonizes the harsh properties of other herbs and guides the herbs to all twelve channels.
With Ma Huang and Xing Ren, for coughing or wheezing due to Wind-Cold Attacks the Lungs.
  • Disperses Wind-Cold
  • Descends Qi
  • Releases Stagnation
  • Clears the Lungs
  • Eliminates Phlegm
  • Wind-Cold Attacks the Lungs
  • Dyspnea
  • Fullness of the chest
  • Severe chills
  • Mild or no fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Stiff neck and shoulders
  • Body aches
  • Joint ache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hiccups
  • Anhidrosis
  • Gasping
  • Stabbing joint pain
  • Itchy throat
  • Cough with white, watery sputum
  • Sputum rattling in the throat
  • Asthma
  • Aversion to Wind and Cold
  • Maybe low back pain
  • Maybe frozen shoulder
  • Maybe epistaxis (severe)
  • T: Normal
  • C: Thin and white
  • P: Floating and tight or Floating and wiry
For a stronger effect:  
+ Rz. Pinellia Preparatum Zhi Ban Xia