Also Known As:
Pharmaceutical Latin
Pin Yin
Hb. Artemisiae Annuae Yin Chen Hao 15g Clears Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder, relieves jaundice and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
With Zhi Zi, strongly relieves Damp-Heat jaundice.
Fr. Gardeniae Zhi Zi 9g Clears Heat, resolves Dampness and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Rz. Atractylodis Cang Zhu 10g Strongly dries Dampness, tonifies the Spleen, expels Wind-Dampness and clears Dampness from the Lower Jiao.
Rz. Ligustici Gao Ben 12g Dispels Wind-Dampness and alleviates pain.
With Cang Zhu, for abdominal pain due to Cold and Dampness.
Fr. Forsythiae Lian Qiao 15g Clears Heat, relieves toxicity, reduces abscesses, dissipates clumps and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
With Zhi Zi, for Heat entering the Pericardium.
Exocarpium Benincasae Dong Gua Pi 30g Promotes urination, clears Heat, reduces edema and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Rx. Angelicae Dahuricae Bai Zhi 6g Expels Wind, eliminates Dampness, alleviates pain, reduces swelling, eliminates toxins, expels pus and expels Dampness.
With Gao Ben, for Wind-Cold induced headaches, especially those at the vertex.
With Gua Lou and Lian Qiao, for sores and swellings.
Sm. Plantaginis Che Qian Zi 10g Promotes urination, clears Damp-Heat and clears Liver Heat.
Hb. Schizonepetae Jing Jie 6g Releases the Exterior, expels Wind, reduces swelling and detoxifies the Blood.
Fr. Tribuli Bai Ji Li 10g Calms the Liver, anchors Yang, dredges Liver Qi, disperses Stagnation and clumping and dispels Wind-Heat.
Rx. Sophorae Flavescentis Ku Shen 10g Clears Heat and dries Dampness.
Bul. Allii Macrostemi Xie Bai 9g Unblocks Yang Qi, disperses turbid Phlegm, alleviates pain, disperses hardenings, disperses Cold Phlegm and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
With Gua Lou, for chest Bi with profuse Phlegm.
Fr. Trichosanthis Gua Lou 15g Reduces abscesses, dissipates nodules and eliminates pus.
  • Clears Damp-Heat from the Liver and Gallbladder
  • Relieves jaundice
  • Expels Wind-Dampness
  • Disperses turbid Phlegm
  • Reduces abscesses
  • Dissipates nodules
  • Dredges Liver Qi
  • Disperses Stagnation
  • Inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
  • Damp-Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder
  • Ascites
  • Yang jaundice (sclera and skin bright yellow)
  • Pain and fullness in ribs on both sides
  • Maybe pain in the right hypochondrium
  • Bitter taste in mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting sour and bitter fluids
  • Anorexia
  • Maybe alternating chills and fever
  • Concentrated, dark urine
  • Abdominal distention and fullness
  • Restlessness
  • Feverishness
  • Yellow vaginal discharge with foul smell
    Pruritis vulvae
  • Pain, swelling and burning sensations of testicles
  • T: Pink with red tip and edges
  • C: Yellow and greasy or sticky
  • P: Wiry and rapid or Slippery and rapid
  • More Heat than Dampness:
    Bright yellow eyes and skin
    Dark, scanty urine
    T: Pink with red tip and edges
    C: Thick
    P: Wiry and rapid
  • More Dampness than Heat:
    Light yellow coloration
    Heaviness of the head and body
    Epigastric and abdominal fullness and distention
    Thirst with no desire to drink
    Loose stools
    T: Pink with red tip and edges
    C: Whitish-gray
    P: Soft or slippery
  • Acute jaundice:
    Sudden onset
    Rapid aggravation of yellow pigmentation
    High fever
    Deep yellow urine
    Gum bleeding
    T: Red
    C: Yellow and curdy or Yellow and dry
    P: Wiry and rapid or Thready and rapid