Chinese Medicine In America

American Dragon Presents is a video project designed to teach the basics and benefits of Chinese Medicine to the English speaking public. It includes lectures on the fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine and interviews with prominent practitioners, authors and educators. Please enjoy these videos and share them with your friends. If you have any questions regarding any of the content, please "Ask the Doctor".


2."The Nature of Yin and Yang"

3. "The Eight Principles Part 1"

4."The Five Substances"

5. "The Eight Principles Part 2"

6. "Five Element Theory Part 1 - Overview"

13. "Zang Fu, The Organs Part 2 Kidneys "

15. "Zang Fu, The Organs Part 4 The Spleen"

17. "Zang Fu, The Organs Part 6 The Liver"

19. "The Fu Organs Part 2"

21. "Pathology Part 2"

8. "Five Element Theory Part 3 Earth"

18. "The Fu Organs Part 1"

. "Pathology Part 1"

22. "Diagnosis Introduction Part 1"